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This page lists all the shovelglove movements with links to more info. Click on the movement name to read more and see youtube video clips.

"Suggested reps" is for people who have gotten over the inital hump and want an reasonable goal for the first few months. It also suggests the relative difficulty of each movement. Don't get too hung up on how many of which movements you should do. The only hard parameters are "14 minutes" and "every N day." Building habit is much harder than building muscle, so focus on that.

I've recently started doing 2 sessions a week where I do just 7 reps of each movement, repeating the cycle when I've run through all the movements (I have time for about 2 and a half cycles in 14 minutes). I think it's a good idea even for advanced shuggers, but especially for beginners. By doing just a few reps, you're less likely to overdo any movement. You'll also probably do them will better form and more attention. And instead of serially hitting one muscle group after another, you keep them all in a nice glow throughout the workout. It's more full body the whole time. Because you're pretty much guaranteed to hit every movement once before the timer goes off, you'll be better about actually stopping when it does, and feeling satisfied with what you've done. Lastly, as a beginner it gives you a lower risk way to sample all the movements. Different people find different movements hard, not necessarily in correspondence with the relative difficulty implied by the rep counts below. You might find you want to skip some movements altogether. Better to make this decision on rep 7 than on an agonized rep 50.

New: After a mere 14 years I finally got my act together to produce a full 14 minute workout video you can follow along with (it's a "routine of sevens," like I just described). Sorry about the wind noise. Sorry also I couldn't fit quite two complete cycles of movements in -- talking through the movements messed with my timing a bit. Consider it an unintentionally forceful illustration of "respect the timer?"

It would be cool to have a "who's doing this?" link to show you a list of site members who are doing this and let you register yourself, but it may be some time before I figure out how to do that. Updated pictures and video come first.

Invent your own movement? Post it here. If I personally wind up doing it or if it seems to catch on with others I'll add it to the list below.

"Canonical" Movements (that I do myself):

Name Alternate Names Posted By Suggested Reps
Shovel 2002 Reinhard 21
Churn Butter 2002 Reinhard 21
Chop Wood 2002 Reinhard 14
Flip Lever "No Name," curl swings, pendulum swings, hammer nails 2002 Reinhard 7
Drive Fence Posts 2002 Reinhard 14
Hoist Sack scratch the back 2003 Reinhard 14
Tuck Bales Smash the ceiling, reverse butter churn, "Noisy Neighbors" 2003 Reinhard 14
Stoke Oven 2003 Reinhard 14
The Fireman smite the orc 2004 Reinhard 14
Chop Tree ring the gong 2004 Justin 14
Degraded Beast pushups ??? ??? 0
Fertilize the Fields squats ??? ??? 0

"Noncanonical" Movements that others have reported doing but that I do not (yet) do myself:

Name Alternate Names Posted By Suggested Reps
Paddle Canoe | Video here 2004 Allan (aka Samurai), Phayze  
Ab Killer 2006 benjishi  
Ring Gong Strangle the Chicken 2007 Matthew Warner  
Pick Onions 2007 Fungus  
The Moulinet (with video!) 2008 Phayze  
Samurai (with video!) 2008 Phayze  
Samurai + Thrust (with video!) 2008 Phayze  
Reverse Samurai (with video!) 2008 Phayze  
Pump Water (with video!) 2008 Phayze  
Giant Wrench (with video!) 2008 Phayze  
Pull Weeds (with video!) Start Mower 2008 Phayze  
Scythe (with video!) 2008 Phayze  

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