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This move was first described in the following post to the shovelglove user group.

Subject: 	Re: [shovelglove] New Move for Abs
From: 	Reinhard Engels
Date: 	Sat, 24 Jan 2004 05:20:48 -0800 (PST)


Your instructions are very clear, and besides seeming
physiologically effective, chop-the-tree fits in with
the shovelglove ethic perfectly. It's so obvious in
retrospect I'm surprised I didn't think of it myself.
I'll give it a try Monday. I've got 3 undocumented new
movements myself which need video. Maybe I can squeeze
chop-the-tree in this batch as well. And as the
inventor, maybe *you* want to supply the images or
video (no pressure).

Thank you! And congratulations on being the first
non-Reinhard to contribute a movement.


--- "Justin L. Deri"  wrote:
> I've been trying out a new move while doing the
> shovel-glove. I'm calling it 
> chopping-down-tree. Sounds better than
> whacking-someone's-knees.
> Basically, it's a slight alteration of the 'chopping
> wood' move. Rather than swinging 
> overhead and down low, it's more of a sideways
> swing. It's sort of like swinging a bat 
> at about knee level. Kind of like a swing with a
> croquet bat, but higher. So, I figure 
> it's a bit like chopping down a tree.
> I find that it's a bit easier on my back because I'm
> rotating it rather than using it to 
> slow the shovel-glove. It seems that it exercises
> my abs quite a bit. Today, I can feel 
> my stomach muscles aching, in a great way!
> Did I describe the move adequately?
> Justin

I think Justin described it pretty clearly, but if you have more questions or want to read about other people's experiences with this move, see the shovelglove bulletin board discussion thread for chop tree.


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