Shovelglove : Movements : Driving Fence Posts

Just make like you're chopping wood except 1) aim higher, well above the knee and 2) swing the shovelglove around in a circular motion rather than jerking it straight back on the follow through.

I'm not sure if it's just the novelty, that my body is just not used to it yet, but this one beats the hell out of me. I do maybe 20-25 reps, just one set [I moved to 50 after a couple of weeks]. The high brake wrenches your gut muscles and I'm convinced I can see the results of the twist in the mirror. My forearms turn to firejelly, and it's macho-kid fun.

I'm especially fond of this exercise for another reason. Two weeks after I started doing it, I managed to armwrestle my 50-pound-dumbbell-curling brother to a standstill (well, almost) for the first time. Pre-shovelglove, he used to beat me like a nothing girl; my resistance didn't even register.

I should mention that I use a prop, a cat scratching post, for the fence post. If I ever get around to measuring it, I will post the dimensions here.

WARNING! A shugger has reported zinging his back doing this movement. Please be even more careful than usual doing this movement, and maybe consider not doing it until you've built up your back muscles doing other movements for a few months..

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