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Subject: Re: [shovelglove] OUCH - and other body signals
From: Reinhard Engels
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 07:24:05 -0800 (PST)

Hi Ariel,

I was inventing the thing as I started, so it was a
gradual, erratic process. I hadn't thought of the 14
minute part on day 1. I hadn't thought of the every N
day part on day one. I hadn't thought of three
quarters of my moves on day one. It took a few weeks
before shovelglove became recognizably what it is.
Since I had no idea that this, unlike every other
exercise routine I'd ever done, would be something I'd
stick with for years, I didn't keep very precise
notes. So unfortunately I can't really answer your
question, except to say "I started very gradually"
(though that wasn't completely intentional, and I
can't give a precise pattern for others to repeat).

Whenever I introduce a new move (it's been a while
now) I do feel it the next day. But I don't think
I've even had quite the soreness you describe. I'm
sorry to hear it! One important step I took that may
have helped avoid this: if anything ever hurt, I
stopped immediately, and took the next day off. This
didn't happen a lot, and it hasn't for ages now, but
it did occassionally towards the beginning and it's a
policy that I suspect may have spared me a lot of
grief. I strongly encourage you to consider it, too.
This is described on the home page, but maybe I'll
emphasize it a bit more. Please do take it easy until
you're feeling completely well, and then maybe go less
intensely until you're really comfortable doing the
movements (and the day after). I think every N day is
good habit wise, but by all means give yourself more
space if you need it. Also keep in mind that every day
doesn't have to be equally intense. The habit part is
satisfied even if you just stand there sort of holding
the thing for 14 minutes on a particularly lazy/sore
day. Keep us posted.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

--- Ariel King <biffitybiff@...> wrote:

> Hi Deb - thanks for the advice. My body is
> definitely giving me some 
> clear messages today. The muscle soreness has just
> gotten worse 
> throughout the day (as muscle soreness often does).
> I have to keep 
> my arms slightly bent all the time b/c it hurts too
> much to 
> straighten them out. And my back is pretty bad too
> (don't worry - it 
> doesn't feel like an injury, just muscles). I may
> not be able to do 
> 2 days in a row to begin with. I wish I knew how it
> was for Reinhard 
> at the beginning - R, if you see this, could you
> maybe give me an 
> overview of how you started?
> thanks,
> Ariel
> --- In , "Debbie Feder" 
> <deborahfederlmt@h...> wrote:
> > 
> > Ariel, you should just respect the cues your body
> is giving you... 
> > if you can't do 5 days a week right away then do
> as much as you 
> feel 
> > you can... it will eventually build up and you
> won't even notice 
> it 
> > as it becomes part of your lifestyle.... As I said
> before, there 
> > were plenty of weeks last year when I would only
> do say, 3 or even 
> 2 
> > times a week... I really started to get regular by
> around 
> December, 
> > and then I made my New Years pact of Blood
> resolution which has 
> been 
> > unbroken since! Also, remember that I have been
> "kneading" bodies 
> > for three years now, if you include the time I was
> in school too, 
> > and that got my hands and wrist flexors and
> extensors pretty toned 
> > to begin with... You don't want to have the glove
> go flying 
> through 
> > a window or into your temporal lobes, so listen
> carefully to your 
> > body and workout when you are not tired, to reduce
> the chance of 
> > hurting yourself or spazzing out (even Reinhard
> has had his day 
> > in "ouchland" when he hit himself in the face with
> the handle, but 
> > no one was at work that day so he couldn't show
> off his shiner to 
> > anyone! Except his wife who laughed at him! LOL)
> > Well enjoy your day of rest.. I'm starting again
> tomorrow (sorry 
> if 
> > that's sacrilegious :)
> > Love,
> > Deb

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