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Subject: Re: [shovelglove] Rock and (Please Don't!!!) Roll :)
From: Reinhard Engels
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 18:33:24 -0800 (PST)

Hi Deb,

> Preemptive rebuttal here Rein,,,, don't worry! :)

I'll try not to. But have you considered that even if
you do a perfect duct taping job (is there such a
thing?), the sledgehammer manufacturer didn't design
the handle to carry that extra weight, and it might
suddenly decide not to. Granted, the manufacturer
didn't design it for exercise either, but play work is
presumably less stressful than actually work, whereas
this... who knows.

Unless your health insurance policy has a lower
deductible than $32 you might want to consider it
that. I'm all for frugality, but I'm not sure this is
worth the risk of economizing on. Skip the starbucks
or something for the next few weeks instead. Or make
yourself a little tab that you have to repay by buying
store brand mouthwash instead of listerine etc. If
you're a miser like me and already have these
particular bases covered, pick something else. There's
got to be *some* better tradeoff you can make for $32
than risk of serious injury with no additional benefit
(except as inspiration for some funny posts to the
group, which I appreciate, but now that you've made
them you can buy the sledge anyway and have it both


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