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Subject: It's alive!
From: Debbie Feder
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 23:20:10 -0000

Okay I just made my new implement of destruction... I'm tired from 
just wrapping the duct tape around it! LOL..
So it came out great! But I did wrap the duct tape around it about 
200 times... I had to put a small amount of cut up towels, salvaged 
from the outer wrapping I had before, between the rock and the 
sledge head, as it wasn't totally flat and I wanted to have 
something that would be like a gasket or large washer to eliminate 
areas where there was no surface contact...
As for wrapping it up in a sweater or another towel... I won't be, 
because I want visuals on the state of the duct tape at all times... 
If it frays even a little, I can quickly repair it with more yards 
of tape..... I think I'll put some more on now... I was joking 
before, but after really assembling this, I think I am going to 
really use a whole pound of tape or maybe more.... 
I like to practice Safe Shovelglove! LOL....
Well I wanted it to be fire engine red, but it will have to be duct 
tape metallic gray :)
Wow this will be quite the workout! I'm sure I'll adapt fairly 
quickly but in the meantime I am going to take whatever measures to 
go slow, careful, wimpy or whatever, even if it means taking a 
breather in between moves...
Note to self.... wear steel toed shoes on Monday... :) LOL...
Stoned Deb!
LOL :)

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