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Subject: 5 week update
From: Kai
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 23:03:59 -0000
Hey all -

I like mixing words together and coming up with terms like "shugging",
so I'm going to support that and hope it sticks. As an example, I drew
an illustration of a spoctopid (that's a squid/octopus hybrid from
outer space) busting through our front door as a reminder to my
roommate to lock the door when she leaves. So far it's been fairly
effective. Speaking of illustrations, that crane movement stick figure
had me tears [of joy...?]!

This is my fifth week shuggin' (time flies) and I haven't missed a day
yet, even though I've been fighting off a nasty cold for the past
week. Don't worry, I'm feeling better each day, so while it might mean
a slightly faster recovery to truly rest and not shug' while I'm sick,
keeping up with it has not appeared to make things worse. Then again,
that's probably because I can sleepwalk through my routine now...

The churning butter movement (previously the most dreaded part of my
routine) burns a lot less than before, which means going 14 minutes
with a 8lbs sledge is a total cakewalk now. That said, I'm going to
try a 12lbs starting Monday and hope it makes me sweat more. I doubt
I'll need anything more than that for quite some time!

This group is great, I've been very amused by recent posts. :)

- Kai

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