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Subject: Re: Making the Shovelglove heavier
From: gratefuldeb67
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 21:46:40 -0000
--- In , "williegreen13"
Hi guys,I am new to this forum 

D..Hi Willie :)

but it seems to me instead of going out and buying a new sledge 
hammer, why not just add incremental weights? 

D...That is a GREAT idea, yes why *not* build up 
gradually...Challenge those muscles a little more each day and they 
will adapt to the change...As a teacher of mine said something 
like "You can't just pick up a cow, but you can carry a calf and 
then, over time, you will be carrying a cow" (Boy I KNOW that I 
screwed up *that* one, but you get the idea :)

> Put them in a sock and duct tape them to the hammer.
D...Yet another priceless use for the aforementioned adhesive of 
choice by discerning Shovelglovvers,,,Duct tape!

(I did it with a 25lb plate and baseball bat a long time ago, don't 
D...Have you been in touch with your parole officer Willie? LOL
> I haven't had time to look through all of the messages so if this 

> has been mentioned before, please ignore me.
D...Okay I'm ignoring you :)

> I found the website a month ago and have been doing this every non 

S day without fail.
D...That is wonderful!

Focusing on 14 minutes and knowing that my intensity will be high 
some days and low others has made all of the difference.
D...I agree, it's hard to argue with that thinking :)
Keep us posted

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