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I'm not the only one doing this, apparently!

Phil from Adelaide, South Australia writes:

There is NOTHING that works the back and abs like this workout because it works them in an upright position and as a single functional unit rather than as individual muscles. Even the 8lb-der will make you considerably stronger than you currently are - consistency is the key! If you can do this workout without hurting yourself then you will probably never hurt your back again. My back and posture have never been better since starting this.

I stuck with 10lb-der for a good six months before getting a 14lb-der - and I'm a pretty big guy (6'4" and around 100kg). If I do say so myself - I'm strong as F*ck as the moment!

Allan from Texas writes:

I gotta tell you it was one of the best whole body workouts I've had in a long time, and I was doing 45-55 minutes of body weight cals a day. My upper body is feeling it and climbing the stairs back to my office was a chore from the squats and lunges I incorporated into "hoisting my rocks."

You have a great, great idea, Reinhard. The mental imagery to me is one of the greatest parts of these types of workouts, not to mention that it is FUNctional!

Kevin from Maryland writes:

If you want to train for strength, try shovelglove (seriously - I do lots of bodyweight training and a shovelglove session is *still* a good workout).

James from Maine writes:

Shovelglove is easily the best overall workout I've ever experienced. I'm a big guy and I've spent a lot of time in gyms over the years, but it wasn't until I started shugging that my strength -- and my biceps -- grew dramatically. It's a much more balanced approach to exercise in my view, because it works your entire body, as opposed to isolating a muscle and working it individually. I have more endurance, and I'm stronger than I've ever been. More importantly, it's portable, and a LOT of fun. It's easy to vary the intensity of the workout using leverage and by speeding up or slowing down. Shovelglove is great because it's pleasantly addictive, and VERY healthy for you.

Shovelglove isn't just for Big Dudes (or wannabes), as Jan from Minnesota writes,:

I'm middle-aged Mom, 5'1", very petite...and I do Shovelglove sometimes, in addition to other exercises.

My sledgehammer is 4 pounds (6 pounds total, with the handle), and it has a short (almost 14 inches) handle, much shorter than what the others here are using, I think.

I like to look like a lady, not like a man, but Shovelgloving hasn't hurt me any. It provides a good range of motion with a weighted object. I have an easier time carrying groceries in from the car, or lifting heavy cases of food at the grocery store where I work.

As with any form of weightlifting, a man's physique comes from his supply of male hormones, not just from his exercise program. A woman has to spend a LOT more time with very heavy weights to achieve the masculine "muscled" look. If you spend the typical 14 minutes with a lite or medium weight sledgehammer, you will be strong and defined, but still every inch a woman.

David from Oklahoma writes:

I'm 37 years old and I was in OK shape to begin with. I feel that six months of Shovelgloving (not even five days a week, mind you) has made me what we used to call "country strong." I haven't gotten huge, nor have I lost a bunch of fat, but I do feel that my muscles are harder/denser and that my work capacity is way better than it was.

Ben from an undisclosed location writes:

I've worked my way up to the first routine detailed on the main page, and it's UNBELIEVABLE how much better I look, and how less tired I am when performing heavy lifting (for example, carrying my tuba around). My self-esteem has gone through the roof, thanks to you, and it's such an easy routine to keep that I don't think I'll ever quit.

Carolejo from Amsterdam writes:

The shovelglove exercise is about the only really 'fun' exercise I ever found. I also love that it's non-competitive, it's just for ME. The results are worthwhile too.

"Old Fox" from Cornwall UK, writes:

It is not only the benefits and rewards of the fitness SG will bring that will keep you doing it. It is actually fun. It is almost like playing a game or something. It really is fun. A fun workout. You will also feel like you accomplished something when you are done. And the 14 minutes goes by very fast when you get in the swing of it.

Kayvan from San Jose writes:

I am so happy.

I had my yearly physical exam this morning. The doctor was clearly amazed with the changes I have made since the last time he saw me.

My weight on their scale was 144 (about 25 pounds less than their last measurement). My BP was 84/50. My resting heartrate was in the low 60's.

I told him about calorie-count.com and about shovelglove.com and he said "You know. It sounds hokey at first, but it makes a lot of sense. I think I'm going to get myself a sledgehammer too and start doing it."

The best part was this: When I was last there (more than a year ago), he offered to measure my body fat percentage using one of those electrical impedance devices. At that time I was up around 27% BF.

I asked him to measure me today. My new reading: 17%!!! When the device registered that reading, he shook my hand vigorously and said "Congratulations! I am impressed!"

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By Reinhard Engels

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