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Subject: Working on the farm
From: D.
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 11:45:11 -0700 (PDT)
Here is my latest attempt at scenario based
shovelglove. I don't feel this is as creative as the
others and some of the moves may be a stretch, but
here it is anyway.

NOTE: I couldn't think of any moves to replicate
picking up eggs or milking cows, but then again those
aren't that strenuous to begin with.

1) Start the day with "feeding the animals." This is
done by shoveling to the side, bringing it to the
front, and 'dumping' the food in the trough. Of course
I held the shovelglove head horizontal for the
shoveling movement and then rotated it sideways to
dump the food. We did this 10x to each side. 

2) Next we "churned butter" 20x. This is already on
the site, no explanation needed (NEN.)

3) Then we "loaded bales." This is done by holding the
shovelglove horizontally in front of you, squatting
down, with the sg still horizontal, coming up then
'tossing' the bale into the truck / wagon / cart. It
was my intention to do this 20x per side, but 10x each
side in 2 sets is how it turned out. It was quickly

4) Then we "pitched hay." I believe this is more or
less already described on the site, but what we did
was use a shoveling movement (to scoop the hay) then
raised the shovelglove straight up, as though to place
the hay in an overhead loft. 10x each side. 

5) Then we "shoveled manure." Hey its got to be done
<grin>. This was 10x over shoulder, 10x to side, and
10x to the front, with a grip change and second set
for the left side. 

6) And finally we "mended fences." This was a
combination of 'pole driving,' which we did 10x to
each side, and a new move I titled "pulling wire." The
shovelglove is held at shoulder height, head away from
you handle close to the chest. You "pull" the
shovelglove head towards you, then push back out and
repeat. Think of the 'shoot the bow' motion, except
that the shovelglove is held horizontally instead of
vertically. This one burned out our arms in nothing
flat. We did only 10x to each side.

I forgot to start the clock when we began, but I
estimate it took about 12-13 minutes to complete this

I am working on "Lewis & Clark" next. I'll advise as
soon as we complete it. 
-- Allan 

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