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Subject: Fun w/ shovelglove
From: D.
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 08:32:53 -0700 (PDT)
Reinhard mentioned that scenario based shovelglove
seems fun and inspirational. I wanted to share an
anecdote or two from my training with my sons while
doing the "preparing the defenses" workout.

When my son and I knelt down on one knee to perform
the rowing motion, we both went down on the right and
'paddled' to the right. I grinned at him and said,
"hey you have to start on the other side, otherwise
we're just going to go in a circle." He rolled his
eyes but switched to the left knee to paddle left.
Well, at the command of switch, I went to the left and
he to the right. Now, we were both rowing right in the
middle of our imaginary boat. Thinking he had the
best of me, he said, "Too bad we're punching a hole in
the middle of our boat now, haha!" I replied: "No, we
have one of those rigs with two canoes attached by a
pole at the front and back. We're both rowing in the
gap." Of course we both had a good laugh. 

When we were performing the "loading the wood" phase
of the workout, we were standing side by side. He
complained to me that he didn't like me throwing
lumber at him. <grin> So I actually moved forward a
step or two so I wouldn't "throw lumber" at him. 

You don't have to get this carried away of course, but
I wholeheartedly agree with Reinhard that your
imagination is key to having fun with shovelglove
while and getting a good workout at the same time. 

Happy shoveling!
-- Allan 

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