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Subject: Re: So I hit myself in the head with a sledgehammer...
From: Deborah B. Feder
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 15:04:22 -0000

--- In , Reinhard Engels 
<beautiful_idiot@y...> wrote:
> Don't worry, nothing serious, just the handle. Got a
> bit of a bump, but went right on shovelgloving (how's
> that for shoglo-macho?). My wife burst out laughing
> when I told her. I guess it was bound to happen
> eventually, right? Basically I decided to look down
> while "churning butter" and jabbed myself right above
> the eye. I wish my office weren't such a ghost town
> this morning, I wanted to walk in and greet everyone's
> astonished stares with "you should see the other guy."

Ice it every hour Reinhard. This is crucial in healing and lowering 
your inflammation...Ibuprofen has a good effect too.
19 minutes on, and once it is numb stop...
Take a break for a half hour...
Then another icing for 19...
If you don't have ice, use frozen food, like a bag of frozen corn or 
if desperate, whatever lean cuisine your boss had planned for 
lunch :)

That sounds like perfect material for Americas Home Videos..did you 
capture it on Quicktime...just kidding, I hope you feel better soon.
It's a little weird that you wrote about "looking down" as the 

culprit, because as I was working out just now, I thought "hey I 
should really write to Reinhard about his form in the Quicktime 
videos and it was that precise movement "looking down" I was going 

to mention, in things to avoid while SG...Weird man.
Hope you feel better soon

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