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Subject: I'm on again!
From: Deborah B. Feder
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 21:58:39 -0000

Well I was a little off thinking that Richard wouldn't want my 
attention during exercise (this must be one of Gods jokes, a 
physical law of nature which plants a satellite radar in your kid's 
head, and at the moment you begin either a phone conversation with a 
friend or some meaningful activity,,,there they are, standing there 
and complaining of severe bordom! LOL)

I guess that cold from the previous weeks really hit me bad...Now 
that it's completely resolved my energy is back 100%.

Reinhard, I have to say that in your response to me about one 
handed "hoist the sack" I got my feathers a bit ruffled and when I 

started working out today "heavier is not better" kept reverberating 

in the chambers of my ego...The Gauntlet was thrown down mister! :)
I did several one handed "hoists" with a two handed starting 

position and then I only went to about 75% of elbow flexion instead 
of taking it to the end of the stretch. I also don't use the full 
length of the handle because I would rather have more control and 
there is less overall pull that way...Starting from the end of the 
range of motion put me at a big disadvantage because, unlike the 
Delts which have Supraspinatus as a booster rocket, the Triceps in 
this position don't really have anything to get the motion 
started...I am so excited because I have very Jewish Grandma Flabby 
Bags where my triceps *should* be, and now I may have a fighting 
chance of challenging these neglected muscles...Other than doing a 
massage backwards with my hands behind my back, I couldn't see how 
I'd ever get them toned through my work...I have *no problem* with 
my forearms, which are commonly well developed though massage, and 
hands, as well as my pecs...
I had fun guys...I'm on track again and happy about it.
I also did a reverse butter churn, which I dubbed "scratch the ass" 

because the handle inevitably rests between the "cheeks" LOL
After one or two reps, frankly, I felt too embarrast to do any more! 
Peace and Love

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