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Subject: Re: Rock and (Please Don't!!!) Roll :)
From: Debbie Feder
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 04:10:42 -0000

--- In , Reinhard Engels 
<beautiful_idiot@y...> wrote:
> Hi Deb,
> But have you considered that even if you do a perfect duct taping 

job (is there such a thing?), the sledgehammer manufacturer didn't 
design the handle to carry that extra weight, and it might suddenly 
decide not to.

....Reinhard :)
You are a good guy!
Yes I did do a perfect duct taping job! LOL :)
But I too thought about that handle issue...
Just out of respect to you, and our friendship. I'll de-duck my 
sledge (all 200 feet of it! LOL) and postpone this project till I 
have the ability to get one that's factory issued... Unless I can 
find one at a garage sale before...
As for being "frugal", let's just skip the euphamisms...
I am broke! LOL...
Hopefully, this too shall pass :)
Enjoy a peaceful Sunday!

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