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Subject: Rock and (Please Don't!!!) Roll :)
From: Debbie Feder
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 21:34:24 -0000

Well folks when I get a bug up my ass there's no turning back...
I priced a 16 lb sledge at a local hardware store... It would have a 
hickory 36" handle, but the best the guy could do for me on price 

was around 32 bucks... Not bad compared to the 38 I think that Home 
Depot wanted... but still, I don't have it now...
So eager to convert to a heavier sledge, I am taking extreme 
I thought I'd tape two large cans of Yams to the sides and then I 
thought of water bottles or other canned food items... Well I 
couldn't get around 2 big things... One the sloshing sound/feeling 
of Yams going back and forth, and the bulky size it would be...
I then nosed around in the garage as my Mom is a pack rat and has 
saved everything we ever owned (well about 90 percent) in our garage 
since 1973... I found a good sized brick which I considered using... 
Just lay the thing on top and then tape all around it and then wrap 
it, but there was one remaining problem... it had sharp edges and 
corners... My favorite move, these days, is hoist the sack, and the 
thought of it dragging up and down my back creating train tracks as 
it slid up and down really was a turnoff! LOL...
So I then realized I could get the same density and heaviness from a 
medium sized, smooth surfaced, and rounded on the edges, semi-flat 
stone... Found one that's, ehhh, about 3 lbs..It's the same width as 
the sledge head and I will be fixing it to the top with yards and 
yards of duct tape, then I'll wrap a cloth around the whole thing, 
and probably tape around it some more... If I use a pound of tape 
then it will be 16 lbs. And it won't make me feel hungry for sweet 
potatoes everytime I work out.
Preemptive rebuttal here Rein,,,, don't worry! :)
But for newbies, I am a deviant, with a head filled with rocks..
A safer choice would have been the water filled poland spring 
bottles, but I hate plastic...
Mmmmmmm cavegirl Deb like Rock!
Hey our first tools were made of rocks, so I know it's not so weird!
Hope you are all fine and groovy this weekend...
I mentioned on NoS that I'm waiting to hear from a job interview I 
went on... If any of you feel so inclined, I'd appreciate all 
prayers for good luck with that! Need some dough super soon!
Okay, where's those ducks? I need that tape!
Deb :)

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