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Subject: Re: Electrolytes and muscle function...
From: Debbie Feder
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 21:27:28 -0000

--- In , "Ariel King" <biffitybiff@y...> 
> Hi Deb, tx for the info. I am not having any cramping as a result 

of the SG, but I should probably look into the 
potassium/calcium/magnesium supplement bc I am prone to getting 
sudden, severe cramps in my legs & feet. I don't know why I would be 

deficient in these things since my diet includes regular intake of 
milk & bananas, but a supplement may be in order.

....Hey Ariel :)
Well everyone is unique and I certainly can't diagnose anything... 
Just thought I'd let you know that the right electrolyte balance 
can make a difference when one demands more than the usual from 
their muscles...Especially if you sweat...
Also, make sure to keep hydrated...
Sounds like you just need to work up to it little by little, like 
you said...
You might want to work on moves that just strengthen your grip at 
the beginning... Pulling the SG up with a hand over hand motion, and 
then letting it down again the same way... (the one I call "Fetch 

the Water") Swelling? R.I.C.E. is the usual recommendation for the 

first 48 hours.. After the swelling goes down you can switch to warm 
moist heat on those tight muscles.. This is the route to go when 
dealing with an injury, which I hope you don't have or ever get.. 
Take Reinhards advice and go slow!
Don't exceed more than 19 minutes with the heat as this would end up 
causing more tissue fluid to escape from the muscles than you want, 
ending in a dehydrated state...
Hope the epsom salts work for you :) You'll be back SGing in no 

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