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Subject: Re: First Round of ShovelGlove
From: johnny_vague
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 14:40:25 -0000
--- In , "johnny_vague" <johnny_vague@y...>
> I did my first round of shovleglove today. The 14 min went past much
> faster than I was expecting and I am feeling the pleasent burn of
> muscles that have been used. 

I have gotten through my first month of shovelglove. I've modified the
exercises slightly from the ones presented on the site as follows
because they work better for me, both physically and mentally. 

1) shoveling. The main change I have made to this was to add a
secondary movement. I have two movements that I use:

a) I swing the SG around and over the shoulder of the arm holding the
middle of the SG as if I am flinging the contents of the shovel behind
me. I find that this gives me a nice twisting motion that works my
back and adds a lifting motion. 

b) I thrust the SG forward as if to toss the contents of the shovel to
the other side of the hole I am digging. I don't enjoy this motion as
much but it does make some nice arm work. 

2) Hoist the Sack. I do this as sort of a reverse butter churn. I hold
the handle of the SG with both hands and lift behind my head as
quickly as posible. I swap hand positions and repeat my reps. 

3) Driving Fence posts. Unchanged. I like this one.

4) Chopping Trees. Like Driving Fence Posts but horizontally. 

5) Spear Thrust. Thrust forward with the SG while stepping forward
with your front foot. Recover back without dropping the SG down. Don't
do this with slippery hands or in front of a window if you have poor
depth perception. 

6) Railroad Spike. Like Driving Fence Posts but step forward with your
front foot and bring the SG as close to the ground as you can without
hitting it. 

7) Flip the Lever. I bring my arm all the way up so that the SG is
almost on my shoulder. For half of them I add a secondary motion by
thrusting up. If you are holding the SG in the middle you should
probably only do this if you have reasonably strong wrists. 

I haven't changed the 14 min at all though.

Anyway, I've been doing this for a month and I'm seeing visible
improvement which is nice. 


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