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Subject: Re: How to shovelglove while watching a screaming baby
From: Deborah B. Feder
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 14:55:45 -0000

--- In , Reinhard Engels 
<beautiful_idiot@y...> wrote:
>> I'd read about the baby-soothing powers of vacuum
> cleaners, but I didn't believe it. It works, and
> sometimes much longer than 7 minutes in fact. A
> screaming baby is the doula of invention.
> Reinhard
Just practiced with the Shovelglovel....
My *abbridged* dictionary doesn't have "doula"
I have heard this term in reference to women who help deliver a 
baby, you know like a midwife...
Is this just a funky synonym for "mother"?

PS. Once more, damn gondola rowing...Have you tried this one? I am 
sorry I invented it...I am the doula of invention for muscles which 
are pathetically underdeveloped! LOL :)
This is probably because we rarely row gondolas in real life...Well 
maybe I will have to put on some Vivaldi to set the mood :) 
PPS. Hope your cats and baby enjoy watching your "frantic" sg 


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