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Subject: Re: [shovelglove] 5 week update
From: Reinhard Engels
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 07:55:50 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Kai,

I'm happy to hear "shugging" is going so well for you
(I'm going to have to collect all these endearing
terms that have been proposed in the groups into a
single page soon). Though it does sound like you might
be ready to upgrade soon, beware The Progress Trap
(more fearsome than the Spoctopid). It's better to do
too light too long than the other way around. To use a
business term, you don't want to promote yourself to
your level of incompetence. You might want to force
yourself to go a month longer or so at the current
weight just as an exercise in stickwithitude. Make the
upgrade a reward, not an obligation.

--- Kai <kai@...> wrote:

> Hey all -
> I like mixing words together and coming up with
> terms like "shugging",
> so I'm going to support that and hope it sticks. As
> an example, I drew
> an illustration of a spoctopid (that's a
> squid/octopus hybrid from
> outer space) busting through our front door as a
> reminder to my
> roommate to lock the door when she leaves. So far
> it's been fairly
> effective. Speaking of illustrations, that crane
> movement stick figure
> had me tears [of joy...?]!
> This is my fifth week shuggin' (time flies) and I
> haven't missed a day
> yet, even though I've been fighting off a nasty cold
> for the past
> week. Don't worry, I'm feeling better each day, so
> while it might mean
> a slightly faster recovery to truly rest and not
> shug' while I'm sick,
> keeping up with it has not appeared to make things
> worse. Then again,
> that's probably because I can sleepwalk through my
> routine now...
> The churning butter movement (previously the most
> dreaded part of my
> routine) burns a lot less than before, which means
> going 14 minutes
> with a 8lbs sledge is a total cakewalk now. That
> said, I'm going to
> try a 12lbs starting Monday and hope it makes me
> sweat more. I doubt
> I'll need anything more than that for quite some
> time!
> This group is great, I've been very amused by recent
> posts. :)
> - Kai

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